Hi, I'm Jessica

I thought, at the very least it will be the therapeutic and creative outlet I need to survive this. And after quarantining in a one-bedroom apartment with my husband and brand new puppy during some of the coldest months Chicago had to offer, I didn't know just how badly I would need it! 

I've always been hesitant to call myself an artist and I would get so self-conscious about not having gone to school for art. I felt I needed that type of credibility to really be able to say, "Yes, I'm an actress" or "Yes, I'm an artist". In my heart of hearts I would think of myself as an artist but never out loud to anyone for fear of being called a fraud. Two important lessons I learned this year are that:

1) You don't need a degree or anyone else for that matter to validate your calling.

2) You are allowed to be unapologetic in your identity. No one else gets to tell you who you are, what you could be, or how much you can achieve. That's all you baby!

So, hi! My name is Jessica.  I am an actress and an artist. I make polymer clay statement earrings for every kind of queen. You know who you are! I live in Chicago with my husband, Ryan, and our puppy, Moira, and I'm so glad you found your way to my shop. I hope my art can make you feel as good about being unapologetically YOU as it has for me.